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Подарочная книга на английском языке Business: The Ultimate Resource

  • Код товара: PFL1512172348
  • Наличие: Есть в наличии
  • 69 400.00 грн.

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Подарочная книга на английском языке Business: The Ultimate Resource.

This book is the only in the world, absolutely complete guide to all aspects of business, written by the most authoritative specialists in business and management. This is a desktop MBA course, which has no analogues in any business school in the world.

In the book you will find 150 articles by leading theoreticians and business practitioners dedicated to the most important management concepts and solving practical problems in business, interviews and biographies of the 100 most influential business leaders and management gurus. Comprehensive guidance is supplemented by 1500 vivid and authoritative statements about business, from which one can always choose a quote for any occasion. This is a whole library of business and management in one package, conveniently organized and always at hand.

For managers, professionals, students of business schools and all who want to know more about modern business.

The French composite hand-made binding is made from a combination of genuine leather (calf skin "Marrone zegna", leather "Robbat Nero" produced by the Italian tannery "Motta Alfredo"). The cover of the book and the case of the unique author's architecture are decorated with high relief, voluminous bruising of the skin and decorated with gold and black embossing (using the "Luxor 240" foil). The book's edge is hand-polished and decorated with a combination of gold leaf and black foil. Gift case is covered with Italian cotton-velvet.

  • Number of pages - 1664
  • Dimensions of the book is 250x210x80
  • Dimensions of the book with a case is 270х240х110 mm
  • Weight of the book is 3,4 kg
  • The weight of the book with the case is 4.9 kg

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